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Step 3: Export a Revit file (Enscape)
Step 3: Export a Revit file (Enscape)
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Read How it Works before getting started

Video Webinar

Not interested in reading? Watch our webinar on how to create your first Digital Space in Revit!

Before you export

  • Only have the geometry that you want to export displayed in the viewport

  • Hide any geometry far from the camera or outside windows

Note: Revit FBX files do not contain cameras, we read cameras from .xml images from Enscape. You must save your Enscape images as .xml in order for an experience to work. Read how to render and save .xml images from Enscape here

FBX (.fbx)

Step 1: Navigate to File->Export->Export...

  • Enter a file name, a save location, and save as an fbx.

Step 2: Select FBX Version and click Save

  • While we can accept both FBX formats, select the most recent FBX version.



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