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Naming viewpoints and images
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At, your journey to creating stunning 3D virtual tours starts with one crucial step: accurately naming your 360 cameras and panoramic images. This process is vital for seamlessly integrating your 3D models with the 360 images, ensuring that each panoramic view is perfectly matched with its corresponding camera location.

Efficient naming becomes even more critical when handling a large number of images. A clear and consistent naming strategy prevents the overwhelming task of manually matching each image to its camera, setting the stage for a hassle-free and enjoyable creation process. Let's delve into these guidelines, ensuring that every connection in your 3D tour is precise and every experience on is flawless.

The Challenge of Non-Optimal Naming

Inconsistent or unclear naming can lead to confusion and inefficiency. For instance:

  • Cam Kitchen copy001 → Kitchen02-360.jpg

  • Cam Kitchen → Kitchen-360.jpg

  • Cam Kitchen_v1 → Kitchen00.jpg

  • Camera002-2 → Kitchen_v2.jpg

These examples show how mismatched or unclear naming can make it difficult to match cameras with their respective images.

Recommended Naming Convention for Clarity

A clear and consistent naming convention is key to avoiding confusion and streamlining the process.

Camera Naming

360 cameras should be named in a logical, sequential manner. Begin with "DS_", followed by a location descriptor, and a number. This method ensures easy identification and organization.

Image Naming

The names of images should ideally mirror their respective camera names or, at the very least, follow the same numerical sequence. This consistency is crucial for quick and accurate pairing.

Camera and Image Naming Examples

Here's how effective naming pairs each camera with its image:

  • DS_Kitchen_01 → DS_Kitchen_01.jpg

  • DS_Kitchen_02 → DS_Kitchen_02.jpg

  • DS_Kitchen_03 → DS_Kitchen_03.jpg

  • DS_Kitchen_04 → DS_Kitchen_04.jpg

This straightforward format clearly demonstrates the direct relationship between each camera and its corresponding image, using sequential naming for ease of use.


By adhering to these naming guidelines, you ensure that your 360 cameras and panoramic images are perfectly aligned, making your interaction with smooth and productive. Happy naming!

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