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  • Digital Space > Scene > Version > Model & Panos

  • Most Digital Spaces will have one scene and one version

  • Scenes allow you to:

    • Upload multiple 3d models to create larger experiences.

      • Upload separate model files

      • Export Selected parts of your model

    • Organize large buildings by area

      • Interior/exterior

      • First floor/Second floor/ ...

      • Lobby/Amenity Center/Roof Deck

  • When you create a Digital Space, we create a Scene titled "Untitled Scene"

Using Scenes

Navigate between Scenes from the bottom left corner of a Digital Space

Scene Example

Create a Scene

Scenes are found on the project page on the left-hand side.

Once inside the scene editor, you can manage your Scenes on the left

When you create a Digital Space, we automatically create a scene for you titled "Untitled Scene"

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