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Tutorial 1: Hello World
Tutorial 1: Hello World
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A Digital Space is created by rendering 360° images (any engine) and exporting a 3d model as .usd, .dae, .fbx.

Upload both the 360° images and 3d files to to create the experience.

In this tutorial, we will walk through the process of uploading a pre-exported 3d model and 360° images.

Download the example files

We have prepared an example folder with:

  1. One 3d model (.usd)

  2. Three 360° images (.jpg)

Watch the video on how to upload to

Step 1: Click +Digital Space

From the dashboard,

  • Click "+ Digital Space" and enter the name "Hello World"

Step 2: Upload

From the example-files folder (download)

  • upload ds_model.usd on the left

  • drag and drop the three images on the right.

Step 3: Verify your cameras

  • Once the model has been uploaded you will see a list of views.

  • Click "Continue" to start processing your model.

Hotspot locations are auto-generated by reading cameras from the 3d model.

Make sure your model has cameras before you continue to process it!

Step 4: Connect a camera to a pano

Now that both the 3d model and 360° images have been processed, the next step is to connect them. This is done by going to the dropdown inside each pano and selecting the camera that corresponds with the image. Learn more

  • Connect Corona_Camera001 to cam1.jpg

  • Connect Corona_Camera002 to cam2.jpg

  • Connect Corona_Camera003 to cam3.jpg

If you are unable to select a camera, wait for the model or panos to finish processing.

Step 5: Enter the "View" tab

With everything processed and connected, our Digital Space has been made!

  • Enter the "View" tab to see the experience.

  • You can go back to the project in the top left hitting "Project".

Step 6: Publish the Digital Space

  • Publish your experience by clicking "Publish" at the top right of the project page.

  • Once published, you can copy the link or open it in a new tab.

Still need help?

We are always working to improve our documentation. Please reach out in the chat (bottom right corner) or email with any comments, questions, or suggestions!

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