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Locations are an enhanced navigation system that allows users to quickly jump around a scene, instead of moving manually through an entire space. Additionally, locations allow users to know where they are in your Digital Space at all times.

  • Locations are located (πŸ™„) inside every pano image in Project->Scene->Edit.

  • You can attach the same location to multiple pano images.

  • Tag each pano with a location (new or existing)

    • Star the pano that you would like to be the start pano for that location.

    • Use the slider dot to select the looking direction for your start location.

Setting up Locations in your Digital Space

Locations are attached to each pano, and you can use the same location on multiple panos.

To create a Location, start typing the name into the Location box. By default, when you create a Location on a pano, we Star the location and enable the Slider Dot. Because you can attach the same location to multiple panos, the Starred Location is the pano that users will move to when they select the location inside the Digital Space.

The Slider Dot is the direction the user will be looking when moving to that location.

In the example below, there are two locations displayed: Entry and Kitchen. The Entry location is only attached to one pano, so that pano is starred. The Kitchen is attached to three panos, and you can see only one of the panos is starred.

Selecting the Start Location for the Scene

Now that you have Locations set up, you will need to choose a Start Location for your Scene. This will be the Location that users will be placed in when the Scene loads. Use the dropdown menu at the top of the panos list to choose a start location.

This list has both Locations and pano image names, so you can select to start the Scene on any pano if there are no locations added.

If you do not choose a Start Location, we will use the first pano that was processed as the Start Location.

Using Locations Inside a Digital Space

When inside a Digital Space that has Locations set up, you can see what location you are in at all times in the bottom left corner.

In this example, the user is at the Pool

To quickly jump to a new location, click on the location at the bottom left corner to bring up the menu. From here, select the location you would like to move to.

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