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Step 2: Render 360 panos with Enscape for Rhino
Step 2: Render 360 panos with Enscape for Rhino
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  • Render cameras as equirectangular 360 panos.

  • 2:1 Aspect ratio (Examples)

    • 2048 x 1024px

    • 4096 x 2048px

    • 8182 x 4096px

  • Image format

    • .jpg**

    • .png**

    • .xml

  • Max file size

    • 500MB

NOTE: While we support .jpg and .png from Enscape for Rhino, it is HIGHLY recommended to render as .xml (as seen in Step 2 & 3 below).

Render views with Enscape

Step 1: Adjust Settings

  • Visual Settings -> Output-> Panorama

  • Select a Resolution

    • Low

    • Normal

    • High

Step 2: Batch Render

  • Open the Batch Rendering panel

  • Select all of your Digital Space Views

  • Render Mono Panoramas

Step 3: Output Images

  • Images ouput as .xml files

  • Documents->Enscape->Panoramas

Your files will be saved to your Enscape default Panorama directory. Typically located at:


Replace (your-name) with your username.





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